Damn, I Have to Pee

Posted on July 10, 2011


Yes, a very important business indeed that is worthy of blogging about.

This year, everyone is so obsessed with losing weight, fitness, and calorie intake that I can’t help but go and obsessed about those three things too.

One day, as I was researching ways on how to lose weight I found this article that says that drinking more water will help suppress my hunger. And today as my stomach rumbles, I tried to satisfy its need with drinking water keeping in mind that it will help me lose some weight that I’ve gain during this summer break. It works! However, as a result, I now kept coming back and forth to the toilet. It’s like my new best friend now.

Anyways, it is true that drinking water is healthy and can help suppress hunger and in turn help us lose weight. However, please be advised that there are certain side effects that you will get as a result of drinking excessive amount of water.

And now I really, really have to pee (again).

Cheers! xD

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