#184 If I had a third arm …

Posted on July 10, 2011


Where, oh where would I put it? Damn, this is a very hard topic to write on. LOL.

Right now I’m imagining my third hand and try to visualize how it will look like on every inch of my body and trying to make a pro and con list from the visualization.

…Yes, I’m a very serious person sometimes. 😛

Man, I can’t decide on where to put my arm though because it seems that no matter where I put the arm it just doesn’t seem to fit in and simply looks outrageous. LOL.

Anyhow I think that it’d be kind of cool if I can rearrange this particular third hand into different places in my body so that I can use it according to the situation given. Say, if I were on a basketball match I can readjust my 3rd hand and position it on top of my head so that I may dunk. Or something awesome like that. Whereas if I were to lift up something really heavy, I’ll place my arm beneath my other normal arm to help lift up the weight. – smirk – i know, i know that’s kind of cheating but hey, use what we’ve got right!

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