Posted on July 9, 2011


… This is why I need to stop being such an ignorant peasant. Well, honestly I simply do not know anything about the Space Shuttle, it’s importance, much less it’s retirement from the space. So to answer the question whether I’m feeling happy or sad about SS’s retirement, I will simply answer that I am happy about it because by it’s retirement I got to know that SS exist and hopefully after this I will be less ignorant about my surroundings and start reading the news on a daily basis so that I will know what is happening around the world.

I also think that humans should stop it’s activity on space, at least for now, and concentrate more on meeting the goals set on earth first (namely the MDG’s) before moving on to the outer space and make some head turning discovery of the space and whatever mystery it may hold. This is so because … well, leaving our footsteps on the moon may is really a very awesome thing to do. However, what benefit does it really gives us humans except of some momentary joy and happiness that is soon to be forgotten and replaced by more discoveries?

As for Russia and China, I do not know what they would specifically do in response to SS’s retirement but I think that they will try and create something that revolutionized the space industry just to make people’s jaw to drop and so that more people will acknowledge them as the new leaders of the world replacing the US.

Last but not least, to answer the last question, my answer would definitely be a no as I think that other needs such as banishing poverty in this world are much more important than leaving our footprint on some planet.

Lol, okay. This post contains 99,99% of crap talk since I do not know what am I talking about since I am not familiar with the topic as i hold little to no interest about the Space Shuttle and human activities on outer space in general. Anyhow, goodnight WordPresser it’s time for me to go to bed and get some really, really long sleep. Hpe you are having a good time wherever you are, cheers!

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