Posted on July 8, 2011


How do you know where your boundaries are?

We all have limits for what we are willing to try, or do, but how do you know that you haven’t gone far enough? Or when you go too far?

Well, the first question i have regarding this particular topic is what kind of boundaries are we talking about. If we are to talk about the boundaries of comfort zone than the only way we can know where our boundaries are is of course to stretch ourselves and keep pushing until it literally hurts. Having said this, I think that I definitely haven’t gone far enough if I don’t feel any pain or have much challenge in my life or daily routine.

This stretching and pushing ourselves can be done both literally and figuratively. We can do this literally by pushing ourselves when we are stretching. For those people who are not flexible (like me) a simple act such as stretching can be really, really hurtful. However, if I don’t push myself I will not be able to improve my flexibility because the only way I can improve is to endure and embrace the pain. Figuratively, this act of pushing ourselves can be done by tackling our fears one by one and try to overcome our fears each and every day. The effort doesn’t need to be instantly life-changing, however it is very important to try and put an effort each and everyday to overcome these fears so that we can improve and be a better person through times.

Going too far in pushing our ‘comfort zone’ boundaries are non-sense. I believe so because in order to grow as a person and to be successful and individual needs to go even farther than going too far.

Alright, I think that’s it from me for today. I think I may have misinterpreted the topic at one point but anyhow, this is my first try on the daily post! -insert smiley face- For those who had actually read this post, thank you very much for doing so. Also, I know that I quite suck in writing, so I’m sorry that you have to go through the act of reading my writing. Nonetheless, my lack of writing skill is the reason why I had decided to join this writing activity. I think that this activity from WordPress will be a good start for me to improve my writing skill and in a way this activity also help me stretch my boundaries in writing so that I will become a better writer.

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