Posted on July 8, 2011


Write about your earliest memory, or the strongest early memory that comes to mind.

My earliest memories are filled with three things: horses, horses, and horses. I don’t know why but my memories with this particular specimen are very memorable. One of the memory that kept on coming back to my mind is this memory of me and the horses at this place called Sarangan.

I bet a lot of you would not know what is Sarangan and where is this particular place located. For those who are interested, Sarangan is an area located near Madiun and Magelang in East Java, Indonesia. It really is a beautiful place that haven’t been contaminated by much pollution. If you were to take a trip to Indonesia, this is a place I would definitely recommend you to go to. First, it is simply beautiful. Second, the people there are very nice and friendly though language can be a barrier as people in Sarangan do not speak fluent English.

Anyhow, this memory was just of me, my brother, and my parents. I was riding with my father whereas my brother is riding with my mother. We were trotting down the market place, the smell of fresh air very palpable. And as we are riding the horse I remembered having this smile on my face and every once in a while I sounded a laugh for no particular reason. I remembered I had felt this feeling of  love toward my family, something that I’d like to recreate in my current life. Well, anyhow, that was my memories of the past.

As you would have noticed, it is just a fragment of memory that holds little to no significance. However, the emotion that was contained inside of the memory was something I thoroughly missed. I miss being the carefree little child I was, the feeling of innocence, the joy I displayed and had. Now, now it’s turning a little bit sappy in here. What was YOUR memory? – insert smiley face here –

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